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Welcome to the City of Cornelia

As City Manager for the City of Cornelia, it is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to our web site and introduce you to our community.  Cornelia has a rich history and a bright future.  We are  a proud southern community that is committed to upholding our small town atmosphere and strong family values while encouraging "smart" economic growth.
We take pride in our community by preserving our history and natural resources, lending a helping hand to our neighbors and friends and striving to build a better future for our citizens.
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Cornelia Water Quality for 2014 (Consumer Confidence Report)



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Open Records Request

For all open records requests, please see the City Clerk's page under Government Officials.



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City Budget

Please click on the file below for the approved City Budget for 2015 & 2016.  
5 year Tax Disgest Information below 
2014 Audit
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Cornelia Activities

Please click on the Special Events page (on the left) to find out what is going on in Cornelia!
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Beautification Award

The City of Cornelia receives Beautification Award from Habersham Chamber of Commerce

The City in joint partnership with Image Emporium, changed a corner parking lot into a mini oasis.  The land was donated as a green space by Image Emporium and the City planted trees and shrubbery to help the environment and to improve the corridor entering into the City.  

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Water Conservation

For information regarding water conservation, water quality, water management, please go to:
Departments, Public Utilities, Water or Waste Water Plant. 
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 FREE spaying & neutering of their pets
(The service is needs based, see the application for more information.)
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Nixel Emergency Alerts

Do you want to get up to date Emergency Alerts that affect your everyday life in the City of Cornelia? You will receive information regarding incidents such as water line breaks, road closures ...

If you want up to date emergency information, please click on the link below to get signed up today!



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Minimum Development Standards

Please click on link below to go to our mimimum development standards page.



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Cornelia Downtown Development Authority

The Cornelia Downtown Development Authority (CDDA) was created through a resolution from the Cornelia City Commission in 1982 and was reactivated in the summer of 2011 to further help with revitalization efforts in Cornelia. All downtown development authorities are governed by Georgia Law which requires that all members of a downtown development authority attend 8 hours of training during their first year of office.
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Directions to & what to do in Cornelia

Cornelia was recently featured in the AJC as a great destination for a day trip from Atlanta.  Please click on read more below for the story.   Also, please look at History Page & Places of Interest.
Please click on the file below for map from Atlanta to Cornelia.
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For information regarding Title VI & ADA please see Human Resources page. 
For information regarding Title VII, please see Human Resources, Job Opportunities. 

For additional information, please contact City Hall, Human Resources, 706-778-8585 x 222.
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The E-Verify Employment Eligibility Verification Program (EEV) involves verification checks of the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) databases, using an automated system to verify the employment authorization of all newly hired employees, regardless of citizenship, after completion of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (Form I-9). 

The City of Cornelia has been complying with E-Verify since February 12, 2009,  E-Verify Identification Number for the Employee Eligibility Verification Program is #189812.
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The City also participates in the SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) Program.
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Event Facilities

For information regarding our rental facilities, please go to Departments, General Administration, Event Facilities page.
Thank you.
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Cornelia Tourism Board

Please click on the link below to reach Cornelia Tourism Board's website
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