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May 22

Outdoor Photography

Posted on May 22, 2018 at 10:39 AM by Brittain Williams

It can be difficult to get yourself outside on a cloudy or overcast day. The sun is hiding somewhere and it doesn’t feel like a good day to go do anything. Rain keeps people inside or going to the movies, but an overcast sky is the threat of rain, which can be just enough to delay outside activities.

But did you know that overcast days are some of the best for outside photography? The harsh light of a summer sun is diffused through the clouds, making fewer shadows and softer light. Photographers frequently use diffusers outside and in studio to get that same type of lighting that is free on a cloudy day!

I personally prefer using cloudy days for black and white photography. Shadows from full sun are difficult to manage sometimes so the diffused light softens the edges and makes it so that my subjects are the focus of the photograph, not the shadows. The cloudy day makes changing a photograph from color to black and white much easier because the shadows aren’t just solid black but they have depth to them.

Cornelia has some fantastic locations for outdoor photography. We have a multitude of parks available all year round and Chenocetah Tower is now open on Saturdays. Rhododendrons are starting to bloom in North Georgia, so now is the perfect time to dust off the camera and take in some beautiful nature photography.

So where are some good locations to start?

Chenocetah Tower and the Rhododendron Trail are beautiful this time of year. Flowers are blooming and there is new green growth on trees which are great for macro shots but also good as backgrounds for portraits.

We also have our beautiful lakes, creeks, and rivers that are fantastic for photography expeditions. Light reflecting off the water can be difficult to photograph but the results are well worth it. Irvin Street Park has creek access so it is an easy walk from Downtown Cornelia for more pictures. Be sure to head down to Lake Russell for a quiet secluded place for outdoor photography. You might also get some shots of wildlife if you are lucky and quiet.

Cornelia City Park or the Big Park is fun for action shots of kids playing baseball or enjoying the park amenities. There are also bathrooms available at this location so it can be an easy picnic trip for casual photography sessions. Use the trees as props and have people lean against them for portraits or search out some of the dainty flowers that bloom underneath them for nature shots.

The Historic Train Museum has some photo opportunities as well. Take pictures of your kids playing on the splash pad or exploring the restored cabooses. Another attraction, of course, is our Big Red Apple and we would love to see the pictures that you have taken of it!

So don’t let these overcast days go to waste


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